Soul. Mind. Body

Sometimes it’s not necessarily depression or inner demons a person has to conquer. I think the ego is being suppressed because your higher self is ready to grow. Does your higher self really need growth? Is this an actual conflict? For a person to be at there full potential, changes need to occur that at the time of these changes can be uncomfortable, frustrating, and down right puzzling. Your being slowed down. For some it could be forced isolation. Some individuals begin to realize that bondage of any kind is worse than death. Space is needed more than simply wanted. What in your being is demanding space?
The real YOU. The real you is being summoned to come forward because it has something to offer the world. Theirs an actual purpose. Your higher self is trying to set boundaries for the ego because something more selfless in your being is trying to emerge. There is a place for the ego but there comes a time when the position has to be switched. Ego loves the front. In some cases its fine for that; but a purpose for one’s soul mission requires more of a team effort in the total being of one’s self. In order for the real YOU to emerge the ego has to be repositioned so lessons can be learned and experiences can be truly felt. Your purpose is to bring forth an experience or message to affect humanity as a whole in some way or another. Before a person can realize such a thing, they have to be prepared for it. That preparation has many twists, turns, and various forms of obstacles that produces discomfort, fear, frustration, and other challenges. The higher self is putting the ego in its place so to speak. All this is going on in a person that on the surface seems fine. Internally, the battle rages until the individual recognizes what’s happening and does the soul work to properly bring balance to their full being. Instead of mind, body, and soul, it’s soul, mind, and body. Your soul is supposed to lead. The soul is the real you. Mind is ego. We’ve been programmed to think our way out of various situations. However this is a universe of feeling. Intuition can almost be defined as a soul exercise. At times it could be instinctive without thought. When this phenomenon takes place in a person, the outcome more than likely is positive. Or at least for one’s own good. The body is simply the vehicle that drives all this during this earthly experience. We’re spiritual beings having an earthly experience. Whether you perceive a thing as good or bad it’s still an experience YOU are having. My advice is…………..Stop fighting. Let go. This universe is simply directing you to a higher good. Your purpose. Your ego tries to convince you that it’s all happening to you. Your soul knows its happening for YOU.

Who’s really thinking about things as such.

If God sits on a throne in heaven that implies he has a butt. If he has a butt than hes human. What’s the point in being so low in our own humanity that we WORSHIP one with human characteristics. Dont the bible itself say “God is a spirit”? Am I the only one seeing the contradiction here? Of course not. Many see flaws and contradictions and displaying the courage to come forward while sacrificing relationships, family and friendships. That’s the sad part. No one should have to sacrifice so much in the name of open minds and information. This is the problem. The elephant in the room if you will. If the bible says love is the first fruit of the spirit, why isnt that being practiced when we hear something different than what we’ve been taught. What would Jesus really do in this matter.

If Jesus was to come back I’ve reserved the right to have the first sit down. He’s got a lot of explaining to do. Aint no judgement day unless he clear up a few issues.

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Week 7 Assignment: Spiritual Connection

Throughout my time on earth, I’ve realized the importance of a true spiritual connection. A spiritual connection can be defined as many things.

You can look at it from a religious aspect, a conscious aspect, or even if you’re an atheist you can still develop a place in your being with a true sense of self.

When embarking on the journey of writing out your experiences its important to be centered and connected to the task at hand.

The best writers and artist of many different genres can all get to their true selves which assists them on bringing out the best in whatever they create.

Also, during dark times and areas of doubt, its always beneficial to bring yourself to an awareness of stillness that can keep you on track and focused on something other than your current circumstances if they’re not up to your liking.

For those who have been consistent with the creation of your book and have a basis for your overall story line, take a few days to really get connected with yourselves.

Be intentional about simply being. Take time throughout your day to notice your breath. There is this simple meditation I learned that you could do while you’re actually driving.

No. Its not closing your eyes in the middle of traffic while your traveling. That would be insane and highly irresponsible for me to ask you to do.

The next time you’re out driving, every time you come to a red light, simply take a deep breath, and focus those few seconds before the light changes to be still.

I think I’ve heard people call it the “red light meditation”.

It’s nothing too deep or serious. There will be times when you may forget to do it. That’s ok. When I’m trying it, there are red lights I miss as well. However, when you do it, it brings you to the present.

It also keeps you in tuned with your breath. Not to count your breath but to simply be aware of the moment.

For those who do a lot of driving during the day, during these particular times, it could slow your mind down just enough to help bring in ideas and thoughts to better help you elaborate elements of your book.

I would also suggest that in the mornings before you go to work and get in the business of life, go in your backyards, or open your windows and just listen to nature.

I’ve learned that we are all connected to everything in some form or fashion. Staying connected is the soul work that we all need to do to really find out who we really are. This is the spiritual connection I’m speaking of.

This is the spiritual connection that also brings the best out of what we create. Remember, at our essence, we’re creators.

Lets focus the next two weeks on really connecting to dig deep in our inner selves to bring the best out of what we create in our book and projects.

For those who are into prayer and more focused meditations, this should take you deeper and ground you at a level that really brings your true self in the pages of your book and bring life into your projects.

If anyone feels they may need help or stuck, just let me know. I’ve been there. From writers block to emotional or mental exhaustion or just feeling like it was too much to go through.

Trust me, its not too much. It’s simply apart of the process and that true connection can definitely help you through. Lets keep those pens pushing and ideas flowing.

Death Of Ego

Happy Monday My People!

Who saw Verzuz last week? First and foremost I’d like to thank the Most High for Jadakiss. All praises due to the Lox. The Dipset provided a worthy and entertaining challenge. It was a beautiful night for Hip-hop.

I guess that’s the night I sorta came out of my funk. When I go through heavy things, it’s hard to pick up my pen. I get trapped in my mind. It’s almost like I’m a prisoner to myself.

I guess it’s a symptom of my mental health issues. I missed you all. I shared for 10 days in a row and I needed a break.

Perhaps today was supposed to be the day I came back anyway but the sludge between my last real piece and today made things difficult.

I wrote plenty of things. I just didn’t have the nerve to share them because they were extremely personal and I just didn’t think it was appropriate to share with the world at this time.

They actually may turn into a book one day but for now, they’ll be tucked away until the time is right.

Last Monday before the Verzuz battle, I had a session with my therapist. I tried to Zoom with him but for whatever reason my phone couldn’t provide him with the audio to hear me so we just talked on the phone.

I was explaining to him what I had been going through. My previous sessions had been upbeat. I told him about my book and other things going on in my life but for whatever reason, well my own fear actually, I didn’t tell him the real issues I had which at the time weren’t major.

They were getting there, but I felt things would work out in my favor. Well, they didn’t. I got overwhelmed. So here I am on the phone. Little by little I’m telling him certain things that were heavy on my mind.

He told me this story about this man in the forest. The man had ventured out on his own and after a period of time became lonely and increasingly overwhelmed with his circumstances.

He had left his tribe. He believed he was doing the right thing. He felt it was better to separate and be on his own, then to deal with the troubles in his village.

While he was out in the forest he came across a wise man. I forget what my therapist called the wise man, but he began to question the man’s motives for being in the forest alone.

He saw the results of the man’s troubled actions. His stress, anxiety, depression, mental, and physical exhaustion. The man began to explain his life’s challenges to the wise man and began to break down.

The man missed his queen. He missed his children and all the camaraderie of his village. He had a deep rooted guilt. He felt he was letting his people down.

He didn’t know how to fix the problems in his village. He couldn’t recapture the love he had for his queen so he left. He left for the dark unpredictable forest refusing help of any kind.

He told the wise man that he felt he had to do it on his own because that’s what men were supposed to do. A man is supposed to be able to provide for himself.

Hide his hurt. Smother his fears. If at anytime he shows weakness in such a dark place as the forest, he can be consumed by whatever enemy is lurking.

The man had been wandering in the forest for some time and finally let all his emotions get the best of him. He had no answers and finally came to the realization that his journey was a horrible learning experience that was triggered by an out of control ego.

The wise man began to suggest to him that maybe it was time that he go back to his village and seek to reconcile with his queen. The man was overcome with shame.

Fear, pride, shame, hatred, arrogance, and stubbornness are all poisonous fruits that dangle from the tree of ego. Their heavenly taste going down, provides a cancerous virus that over time consumes the host.

As the man learned all this from his elder, he began to weep. He wept because solutions for his problems escaped his being. Then he began to think. If his ego got him in to this predicament, only his true self could rescue him.

The wise man taught him about the importance of presence.

On his long journey out of the forest, the man realized that before he reached his destination, he would have to remember who he was.

Most of his life, he thought of himself as his body and his thoughts. However he began to realized that there was one who was in his being who actually feels his body and hears his thoughts.

He wasn’t his body. He has a body. He wasn’t his thoughts; he hears his thoughts. There was an explosion within the man.

He began to find tools to dig away this excessive clutter that buried this incredible power he had within. Power that he wasn’t separated from. He actually was the power. He was the source.

Life separates us from ourselves. It is our job while were on this plain of existence to remember who we are. We are not the identities we are given. We are not our names. We’re not the titles that identify the jobs and careers we perform.

We have names. We have jobs and careers, but who is the true possessor of those titles? Who performs that job?

We are extensions of the original source energy that creates lives and universes. Ego is the number one adversary of us all. We fall to ego because we forget we are love.

The man who wandered into the forest for so long, now journeys back to his tribe. Yes, he is fatigued. Yes, he has many enemies and obstacles between him and the destination of his tribe and queen, but the biggest weight that has left his being was his ego.