Greetings followers

And those who may potentially follow my site, page, or whatever you want to call it here. I just know I like it here and its better and more liberating than

Anyway, I know there are a lot of writers on this platform. I see some of your pages and just wish I could be half as good as you. However, I’m totally secure in my own gift, so I don’t tear down, I admire. I’ve learned from some of you all. I appreciate your creativity.

However, I’m not sure if any or all of you have written books about your lives. It’s really none of my business whether you have or haven’t but what I’m really getting at is I have a group in bookface….. Well that’s what my late, great Aintie us to call it. But on Facebook, I have a group called Write Your Life.

If you’ve been following me, you can see I have a video describing it.

Well I’m here to announce the group is up live and I’m encouraging folks over 30 to reflect, take time to be present, and write there life stories.

I have a 52 week system that’s complete with assignments, encouragements, and my own experiences to help guide potential authors and give them the courage to finally get down to the mystery of knowing who the hell they are.

You do know your a spiritual beings having a earthly experience right? Ever want to find out what makes you tick? Ever want to pinpoint what sends you to ecstasy but because you really don’t know how you got there, its a mystery to do it by command.

You ever fly off the handle and get pissed and after you really think about your actions, you say to yourself, it really wasn’t that serious. While at the same time, wondering if it really wasn’t that serious, WHY DID I TAKE IT THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?

I found out a lot about myself writing my first book. I’m looking for folks who have never written a book before that has things that they want to get off there chest.

I’m looking for folks who want to find themselves and participate in a project that can change there lives.

I’m a coach who wants to help individuals Write There Life. Should I use eir or ere…… Anyway, I got a group. It’s called Write Your Life. I want to help first time authors and encourage them that the best therapy outside of seeing a real therapist is writing and journaling. Also meditating but that’s another discussion for another day.

I want folks to hold a book in there hands that they wrote and said “I DID THIS” and be proud. I want to help folks make there lives better.

Come on and join me and us. Week One Assignment is Sunday July, 18 at 10am. I’d love to see you there. Even if you’d already written your first book about your own life, maybe you can help me with encouraging the folks that’s joining my group. IT WILL BE A PRIVATE GROUP for obvious reasons.

If they’re any grammatical errors or weird mistakes in this post, correct me in the comments. Also, I’ve always had a challenge with there and their. Who here can help me!!!! Comment on that

The Confusion Of Purpose

it’s not my intent to have a certain level of fame, I’ll just be happy if someone knows my name

I ask and pray for money, I’m upfront about it, so when I get it, you won’t look at me funny

I’ve been told I’m righteous and gifted, however, I’m also SKULLDUGGEROUS and wounded.

God has blessed me to drip bitter and sweet out the same faucet, my soul at times has reached the Pinnacle and right after that, lost it

At times I deal with unbearable pain, I ask the most high why the punishment, he smirks and replies are you insane?

I don’t punish you; I train your spirit, this is what you asked for, what your people feel, you have to feel it

Didn’t you tell me you wanted to help folks, well I’m preparing you for what you asked for

I tell the most high, how can I help my people when I have trouble helping myself, he tells me it’s my mistakes that will be the most help

Today my was heart broke, I see everything I want right over this glass ceiling, I failed to accomplish a goal, and the failure was the true definition of a stinging

I quit because I couldn’t see a way, but before today, an angel told me I must get out of my own way

It’s the hardest thing a person can do, getting out of there way so blessings can flow through

Especially when you been at the bottom so long, your now weak but started strong

You feel guilty that your progress hasn’t moved along, and you repeat the same mistakes as tired old songs

I say I now deserve my blessings; he says at the appointed time, I say I’m in need now, again, he says at the appointed time

I’m impatient, I say I’ve suffered enough, the most high is silent, I’m frustrated, maybe his silence means I need to toughen up

I’m tired and exhausted, I’m 49, I’m this I’m that, but I’m blessed beyond belief and that’s a real fact

I got two babies, 4 and 12, the oldest my savior, the youngest my true self

My savior is everything I want to be, love compassion, positive influence, my youngest is different, he’s gonna be the truest.

So how can I fuse those combinations of me that I see outside of me to improve the present me? 

feel there unconditional love for me when those times come that I feel weak. 

I’m blessed to know that I have a savior and reincarnation of me without seeing death, so I must push through this season of difficulties for you all, because you are why I have breath,

I’m giving all of y’all my life and strength, these words are spirit so none of you quit

I’m here to make your paths easier to navigate, see my flaws and learn from my mistakes,

Just like my kids, I want you all better than me, So suffering is nothing to me if I see what you’ve learned from me, makes you free. 

So a purpose ain’t always the sweet smell of roses, there’s twist and turns, ups and downs, and it’s my job you know this.

But still, that purpose, find it, it will make you better, just be prepared for the road ahead and ready for whatever

We forget who we are

It gets piled on you from the beginning of your life. Thoughts, fears, and limitations of others.

Most of our lives we spend it mimicking the styles, personalities, and habits of those closest to us.

Then we reach our 30’s and 40’s and are completely stumped on who we are and what we want.

We find that we’re prisoners of our own lives. We want to do something about it and so overwhelmed with life as we know it, we get discouraged and give in.

When this is happening or you may know someone that this is happening to, sometimes you have to sit down with yourself or sit the individual down who’s suffering, look them in the eyes, remind them of all that they have accomplished in there lives to truly be grateful for and most importantly WHO THE FUCK THEY ARE!!!

A shark who roams the ocean who has forgotten his killer instinct is….Food.

In the midst of going through life masquerading in the limitations of others, you had clear flashes of who you are.

And guess what, the ones you would never expect, also saw those flashes. They’ve gained respect and love and admiration for you secretly that you didn’t have a clue about.

Then one day the situation arises when that power that sent you here finally affirms to you what you’ve known along but never had the courage to embrace. That you are someone with a purpose, identity, gifts, and a lane that no one can fill but YOU.

Me as a baby shark

Today I’m telling you to get in that mirror and you stay there until you find and remember WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE.

The choice is simple. Be the shark or be the food.

Write Your Life

Greetings!!! I’m here to help and encourage you to do the one thing everyone should do before they leave this earth. WRITE YOUR LIFE!

Yes. You can do it. If I could do it you can too. Its not as hard as you think. Watch the video below, go to Facebook and join my brand new group, WRITE YOUR LIFE and in the words of MC Hammer………. LET’S GET IT STARTED!!!

Story Time Wit Wet.Dirt Thee MC: Why I left Christianity(Epic Rant)

On February 5, 2018, I put my flag up. After researching, studying, and digging I finally came to a conclusion that would change my being as a spiritual individual forever.

I was a Christian. When I was a young man between the ages of 17-20 I preached. I was even ordained.

Around 2017, I began to have questions that weren’t getting answered. That bothered me. I was searching for who I was as this spiritual being. It seemed like there was pieces of myself that was missing and I wanted to find out what it was that not just made me, but black folks in general think as we do as it pertains to our beliefs in God.

It seemed like no one from my home church had a clue to who black folks were praying to before slavery. I was curious about that. It seemed like a more than fair question.

My searching lead me to ancient Kemet(Egypt). That’s where you can find the beginning of many spiritual practices, mythologies, and allegories that shapes religion and how we see it today.

I got frustrated at individuals who I went to for guidance and they would tell me in an almost patronizing way that I just needed faith and that I shouldn’t question God.

Funny thing is I wasn’t questioning God, I was questioning the book. Some things just didn’t make sense. One day right before I made this video I was sitting and thinking about all the people who have come and gone on earth.

All the souls who lived and died on earth who because of time, in some cases cultural backgrounds, geography, and religious beliefs, never heard of the name by which mankind could be saved.

Saved from what? Saved from sin and saved from a burning, eternal hell because of sin. As the bible says, no one can escape hell unless they repent and accept Jesus Christ as there lord and savior.

This was puzzling to me because there are billions upon billions of people who have never even heard of Jesus, the bible, sin, or even some destination called hell that souls had to be saved from.

If you break the bible down to the bare essence, its basically saying worship Jesus or go to hell. Yes, there are a lot of great lessons and stories in the bible. Incredible wisdom that can be applied to our lives to make it better.

In general, proverbs and psalms have many words to help a person in various ways. There are a lot of positive things in those 66 books. However, to say its perfect, I say no. If this is the perfect word of God why doesn’t it cover the whole of humanity.

In fact, if God gave us something that could save us from eternal damnation(That something supposedly is this bible), why doesn’t everyone have access to it. Or to be even more spiritually scientific if that’s even a thing, why isn’t Jesus embedded in every souls DNA from birth.

If Gods plan is that no soul is lost, why are Billions of people being born on earth now, and who have been born through out the beginning of this world and have no idea who Jesus is. All those souls will burn forever? Forever ever!!!!

Anyway, after going back and forth on social media with church members and other Christians, and even viewing a sermon where it looked like I was being condemned for simply changing my mind and taking responsibility for myself spiritually, I couldn’t take it anymore. So here was my response.

What I Would Do With My Million Dollar Opportunity Part 5.

People do million dollar business every day, all over the world.
I’d like to experience something like that if it were just once.
I wish I could be clear on how a person or group of people could get a return on there investment with me.
All I have seen is that Author’s or other creators receive a certain amount of exposure.
Whether they have figured a way to build a fan base organically, or were discovered and introduced to the masses by a more established individual or group. Then they make there product available to be sold.
At one point a plan was made that placed a certain amount for value on what an individual created.
My book for instance is $10. If the goal is to sell one million books at $10 a piece, that total profit I anticipate is $10,000,000.
I have a road with a destination. It’s the middle part that’s sketchy.
Things like exposure, which is a part of marketing is definitely important. Targeting a demographic which I’ve done. Although I’d love for everyone to read my book, it’s mainly for men between 35-50 who are possibly experiencing what used to be called “a midlife crisis”.
Right now, because of limited resources, my plan is to market and target my audience on social media, word of mouth, and I’m in the beginning process of organizing a book tour in my local area where I will attempt to meet people in community centers and apartment complexes. Ive already began to make phone calls for that.
These are the things I’ve come up with but I’m open and willing to learn of new ideas as well.
I’ve sold somewhere between 15-25 books with no help in a two month period. Just word of mouth and social media posts.
To have a team with me with real resources can multiply these numbers dramatically.
The book is only 117 pages. For the average reader it’s a pretty quick read that’s entertaining, thought provoking and has some solutions for some problems.
I believe investor’s will have returns on their investment in 3 years or less.
I’m completely dedicated to making that happen. I figure 75-25 split my way until the profits of the book are satisfied for the investor’s.
If I earn money from speaking engagements and or YouTube and Patreon subscribers that could be worked out as well to help pay back the investment.
If their are 7.5 billion people on earth the likelihood of selling 1,000,000 117 page books at $10 a piece that’s promoting mental health awareness is extremely likely within a 3 year period.
Lastly, the money invested will also create time for me to be mentored by the investor. I want to learn. I want to learn how the potential investor got where he or she is financially so I will never be where I’m currently at in life again.
I believe in each one teach one, so whatever I learn, I will teach one or more coming behind me. I’ve written out a structured plan where me and the potential investor will know where every penny of the $1,000,000 will go. If things need to be tweaked, like I said, I’m willing to learn.
I have them written out in my notebook and by the end of the day, I’ll have them either in my phone or on my computer so they could be sent and reviewed.
I’m already a professional author, music producer, and content creator. I just haven’t been all that financially successful and that doesn’t mean I don’t have the gifts or talents to be such. It just means I haven’t learned to get what I’ve created in my life to the next level and that’s not bad. It just is what it is.
I would like to have a serious investor who’s ready to get to work in ONE WEEK. July 11, 2021. 7 days.
Like I’ve said, their are million dollar deals happening every day. Why can’t it happen for me. I’ve put in the time to create a product that can provide a service that can create an income. I believe completely in myself that’s why I’m on this platform sharing as I am.
I truly appreciate your time. If your someone that can help or know of someone, email me at
Also, please purchase my book from either Amazon
Or me directly by sending your name and address to the above email, go to cash app to pay $10 for a signed copy and I’ll have it out to you shortly.
Thank you so much for your time.

What I Would Do With My Million Dollar Opportunity Part 4

Hey my shiny ones came in!!

My books are real. My Purpose is true and my goal is simple. Get this book in the hands of as many people as possible.

Looking for those who can join my journey with me. Ultimately, I want to stand on stages sharing my story of how I’ve overcome dark moments.

Life is hard at times but I keep pushing because ultimately my time will come when everything I see in my imagination and mind will be in my reality.

Within 3-5 years I want to open a youth center that focuses on the elements of Hip-hop for the mind and soul, boxing for the fitness and discipline, and classes for studying Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill.

I want to help the kids so they don’t go through I went through. That’s the future.

My book is for folks my age. 30s, 40s and 50s, that went about life with no real blue print and found themselves in trying times.

I figure, Help the folks my age so we can heal and guide the young folks so they won’t have to read books like mine for encouragement.

Hip-hop will have there spirits right, boxing will have them physically fit, and think and grow rich will give the direction of how to create there own wealth.

I’m definitely not looking for a hand out. I’d like to find an individual or a team of individuals who want to stand behind a great idea that will benefit many. ✌🏿&🖤 Folks.

For a signed copy of My Road to Damascus:

Send an email with you name and address to Search $YerrotMG on Cash app, provide a payment of $10, and allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.