Death Of Ego

Happy Monday My People!

Who saw Verzuz last week? First and foremost I’d like to thank the Most High for Jadakiss. All praises due to the Lox. The Dipset provided a worthy and entertaining challenge. It was a beautiful night for Hip-hop.

I guess that’s the night I sorta came out of my funk. When I go through heavy things, it’s hard to pick up my pen. I get trapped in my mind. It’s almost like I’m a prisoner to myself.

I guess it’s a symptom of my mental health issues. I missed you all. I shared for 10 days in a row and I needed a break.

Perhaps today was supposed to be the day I came back anyway but the sludge between my last real piece and today made things difficult.

I wrote plenty of things. I just didn’t have the nerve to share them because they were extremely personal and I just didn’t think it was appropriate to share with the world at this time.

They actually may turn into a book one day but for now, they’ll be tucked away until the time is right.

Last Monday before the Verzuz battle, I had a session with my therapist. I tried to Zoom with him but for whatever reason my phone couldn’t provide him with the audio to hear me so we just talked on the phone.

I was explaining to him what I had been going through. My previous sessions had been upbeat. I told him about my book and other things going on in my life but for whatever reason, well my own fear actually, I didn’t tell him the real issues I had which at the time weren’t major.

They were getting there, but I felt things would work out in my favor. Well, they didn’t. I got overwhelmed. So here I am on the phone. Little by little I’m telling him certain things that were heavy on my mind.

He told me this story about this man in the forest. The man had ventured out on his own and after a period of time became lonely and increasingly overwhelmed with his circumstances.

He had left his tribe. He believed he was doing the right thing. He felt it was better to separate and be on his own, then to deal with the troubles in his village.

While he was out in the forest he came across a wise man. I forget what my therapist called the wise man, but he began to question the man’s motives for being in the forest alone.

He saw the results of the man’s troubled actions. His stress, anxiety, depression, mental, and physical exhaustion. The man began to explain his life’s challenges to the wise man and began to break down.

The man missed his queen. He missed his children and all the camaraderie of his village. He had a deep rooted guilt. He felt he was letting his people down.

He didn’t know how to fix the problems in his village. He couldn’t recapture the love he had for his queen so he left. He left for the dark unpredictable forest refusing help of any kind.

He told the wise man that he felt he had to do it on his own because that’s what men were supposed to do. A man is supposed to be able to provide for himself.

Hide his hurt. Smother his fears. If at anytime he shows weakness in such a dark place as the forest, he can be consumed by whatever enemy is lurking.

The man had been wandering in the forest for some time and finally let all his emotions get the best of him. He had no answers and finally came to the realization that his journey was a horrible learning experience that was triggered by an out of control ego.

The wise man began to suggest to him that maybe it was time that he go back to his village and seek to reconcile with his queen. The man was overcome with shame.

Fear, pride, shame, hatred, arrogance, and stubbornness are all poisonous fruits that dangle from the tree of ego. Their heavenly taste going down, provides a cancerous virus that over time consumes the host.

As the man learned all this from his elder, he began to weep. He wept because solutions for his problems escaped his being. Then he began to think. If his ego got him in to this predicament, only his true self could rescue him.

The wise man taught him about the importance of presence.

On his long journey out of the forest, the man realized that before he reached his destination, he would have to remember who he was.

Most of his life, he thought of himself as his body and his thoughts. However he began to realized that there was one who was in his being who actually feels his body and hears his thoughts.

He wasn’t his body. He has a body. He wasn’t his thoughts; he hears his thoughts. There was an explosion within the man.

He began to find tools to dig away this excessive clutter that buried this incredible power he had within. Power that he wasn’t separated from. He actually was the power. He was the source.

Life separates us from ourselves. It is our job while were on this plain of existence to remember who we are. We are not the identities we are given. We are not our names. We’re not the titles that identify the jobs and careers we perform.

We have names. We have jobs and careers, but who is the true possessor of those titles? Who performs that job?

We are extensions of the original source energy that creates lives and universes. Ego is the number one adversary of us all. We fall to ego because we forget we are love.

The man who wandered into the forest for so long, now journeys back to his tribe. Yes, he is fatigued. Yes, he has many enemies and obstacles between him and the destination of his tribe and queen, but the biggest weight that has left his being was his ego.

Write Your Life Week 2

I told you RELAX….YOU GOT THIS!!

How was week one? Anything get pulled up that shocked you? Any A HA moments? Any laughs? Any crying? Learn anything about yourself, or what I should say, is RElearn or remember something that time separated you from?

If the answer was yes to any of those questions, we’re on the right track and most importantly, YOU’RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK!!!!

The next few days, I’d like for you to simply reflect on what you’ve been able to transfer from your being to paper or devices.

I’d like for you to have at least one section of your day to take 5-10 minutes to sit and breathe……. Well, I could use the M word but some folks who don’t know the wonders of said thing may not be into that. Which is cool. You gon learn.

Breathing and being still gets you present. Just think, you have 24 hours in a day. For the most part, because your life can be such a constant ball of movement, many rarely sit and just calm there minds down for a bit.

Being present is not just good for this project, but it’s something you should consider to be a regular practice in your life. It’s an immediate stress reliever. A wonderful tool. It also gets you in the energy of receiving.

A wise person once said, “you pray to ask, and meditate to receive”. My bad, I used the M word…….. Toughen up G. We’re goin in for the long haul.

Once again, I thank and appreciate your participation. Peace and Love.

Upon Recognition, It Floors You PT2

Today, I found out something that put things into perspective for me and I hope for you as well.

I’ve studied all the motivational speakers I love most. I see there financial success. I believe there spiritual and emotional success and have wondered what it was about them that brought them the success they have.

I’ve heard all there stories. Steve Harvey was homeless living in his car for 3 years. Les Brown was abandoned by his biological parents. Eric Thomas was homeless as well.

Napoleon Hill mentioned in “Outwitting the Devil”, that in the midst of a horrible challenge he had in life, he found what he called “his other self”.

Through the challenges of horrible life circumstances, Les Brown, Steve Harvey, and Eric Thomas all found there other selves as well.

In all actuality, it wasn’t there other selves. It was there true selves.

I can tell you from experience, that adversity pushes you in the direction of who you truly are. It’s uncomfortable and at times extremely painful but that’s why it’s so beautiful.

Your pushed and pulled in so many directions because of life that you literally forget who you are. It takes divine planning to bring you back to yourself. That in itself is a blessing.

Today, when I was listening to certain speakers, dreams and imaginations were the topics.

If you think back on your own life, everything you accomplished started as a thought. That thought enhanced your imagination and when you saw yourself doing a thing in your imagination, it made you believe you could do it in your reality, so you did.

The coldest part of that is, even if you failed to do something you imagined doing, with the experience you gained, you later learned.

Dreams. When you sleep at night, do you truly understand that whatever you accomplish in your dream state can be performed in your reality?

Some folks dream of literally flying. Now because gravity is a law, its hard for a person to fly in a conscious state (while there awake). So I won’t touch on that.

But what I will share of what I discovered today is, the person whom I’ve wanted to be the most my whole life, was the one I dreamed about when I laid down every night.

The fear of failure has no parts of my dream world. I’m completely courageous and brave. In my dream world I’m always sure of myself. I make decisions quickly. Whatever I think about doing in my dreams, I don’t even give it a second thought. I just do it. I’m a great rapper in my dreams without writing anything down. I’m a great, great fighter in my dreams.

I have all the answers in my dreams. I can have any experience I desire in my dreams.

But the most important thing of it all, was what I first mentioned of my dreams. I don’t have a fear of failure.

When I realized that whatever I dream, I can actually have in my present state, I realized that I found my other self. My true self.

This is why dreams are so important for EVERYBODY!!! There the blessings, signals and confirmations from your higher self, God, universe, or what ever you look to outside but most preferably, inside yourself as your source of spiritual power. You are limitless.

If you CAN’T fear in your dreams, your not supposed to fear in life. The person you truly want to be is the one in your dream world. It’s time to reveal him or her on this plain. Your other self. Your true self.

Upon Recognition, It Floors you. PT 1

It’s taken a bit, but unraveling the limiting beliefs is a process in itself.

Depending on your upbringing it could be tough. I mean, if you were raised in a gang culture and one day you decide to go to college, who knows what resistance you can be met with.

Yes, that lifestyle is definitely challenging. Black and brown folks have been decimated by the choices of individuals who give there lives in exchange for blocks they don’t own, drugs, colors, and loyalty that’s only understood by the participants themselves.

So to be involved with that and want to change in another direction, peer pressure is the number one reason (in my opinion) that many stay involved until the end. That end being jail or death.

I could have used any other analogy to illustrate my point but I had to grab you in a way that makes you understand the gravity of what I’m about to explain.

When I bring up an interesting topic to my therapist he calmly tells me, “let’s unpack this”. I go into my issues and one by one we lay them on the table.

Dealing with limiting beliefs has a similar process. The influences by your environment. The influences by your family. Influences by the teachers at school and entertainers and athletes also influence us. Especially if those are the ones you look up to the most.

When you begin to question traditions, religious beliefs, or educational routes and start to buck the system if you will, the hinderance is the emotional impact of each separate subject.

If an individual came from a family of doctors and they were next in line to be in that profession, but in their heart they wanted to be a poet, they would sift through there whole being trying to justify why it is they feel led to that direction.

They could be thinking, my mom is a doctor. My dad is a doctor. This is what they want me to be. I have other family members who are doctors as well. The pressure of that can be an extremely stressful situation.

The individual can also believe that something is really wrong with them for being so different.

Mentally this could have been a challenge for some time and they haven’t even had the courage to utter the words “I want to be a poet” out loud to themselves, let alone sharing that with their families. Major unpacking has to be done.

We all have to come to a place where we want a particular life for ourselves but the tug of war of outside influences makes the transition difficult.

The challenges I’ve had the biggest problems with are the ones that had the most emotional impact. Just like the individual I’m describing above.

When your dealing with your subconscious mind, you’re dealing with the emotional motor of your being. From what I’ve learned, the most effective way to switch a belief in your subconscious mind is with repetition.

But that could be a problem within itself because your conscious mind sees everything as it is.

If your broke and trying to convince yourself you’re a millionaire with affirmations, you can have the vigor and confidence for a few days but if a bill unexpectedly hits your bank account and drags it to the negative, that literal and emotional blow can knock you off your focus. Trust me. I’ve been there.

It takes time to change limiting thoughts. This is why my life and many others who have aspirations of profound success fall more than fly.

Changing limiting beliefs are by no means impossible. Especially when you have the influences around you that cultivate the ideas of what you really want to be in life.

At first, I had the problem of simply knowing what I wanted. I’ve always been a scatterbrain if you will. So focusing on a single thing has always been a challenge.

Creating a plan that you stick by for better or worse is also difficult because life happens. If you don’t have an alternative route to get to your goals, setbacks can diminish any progress.

Write You Life: Wk 1 Goalsetting:

The purpose of the questionnaire. Not mines, yours.  Goal setting is essential to a person’s success. It creates a focus that’s beyond the physical realm. Goal setting also stimulates your imagination. If you have a goal, one of the first things you think about is the feeling you will have once its accomplished.

Having a goal also starts the creative side of your brain to attract ideas. Many people have wishes and hopes but its not until you write your goals down and begin to initiate a plan that the ideas will come to you.

For instance, I can sit around all day thinking about concepts to create songs, but its not until I pick up my pen and pad or start a new song in my computer that the idea comes to life.

I think about a few words, then there’s a sentence. Then I add on to the sentence and think about something that could rhyme. Next thing I know, I have a whole verse.

The goal was to create a new song. I saw it in my mind by imagining what I could say. Then I got excited about the end result, put some action behind it, now there is a song.

No one saw all that but me. So from the outside looking in I created something out of nothing but the idea was giving to me, I made an effort to have something tangible and BOOM!! A song.

The creation of your book will be the same thing. It starts with an idea. Write that down. Next thing you know thoughts will soon follow and it will be like connecting the dots.

Back to the questionnaire, answering one of those questions will provoke an emotion from an experience you had that you’ve moved so far from, that you forgot it was even there.

Our minds are better than computers. They record everything from every experience you’ve ever had in life. However, sometimes you may forget a password to one of those files. That’s life. We move through it so quickly that we think we forget.

No its not forgotten. Time just separated us from the emotion of it. If it were good, remembering an experience will bring a certain element of joy.

If it were negative, pain could come up. Wherever the questions steers you on this trip down Memory Lane, record it. Whether it hits you days after you went through the questions or you felt it immediately.

Next thing you know, you have a chapter. It may not be the first or last chapter but its something that you can build on.

Look Above Your Circumstances

A candid talk about the difference of where you are now and where you can see yourself being. This is motivation. What do you do when a life altering event shakes you to your core.

I use colorful language from time to time but we all supposed to be grown around here. Grab the message.

Book Sale Today!!!

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Write Your Life Assignment 1

Greetings future authors. So glad your allowing me to be apart of your journey of writing that first book about your life. It’s an honor and a privilege.

Week One Writing Inspiration

Other than your parents, who had the most influence on you from birth to age 18? The type of influence doesn’t matter. It could be positive, negative, or indifferent. It could be more than one but no more than three persons.

You have 14 days to complete this assignment. Please don’t share anything that can potentially go in your book in the group.

This is not for me its for you so please don’t send it to me for any opinions or feedback. That will come later with specific reasons that will also come with a confidentiality agreement. Be as descriptive and creative as you can. Let your feelings flow. Be unapologetic and brave. It’s just you, your thoughts, what your using to write with.

Don’t worry about the proper grammar, English, whether you use slang or anything technical. Just be you and describe your truest feelings about that one or those individuals that had the influence on you.

Before you begin writing, clear your mind. I love to meditate. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Take 10 or 15 minutes to yourself and find your breath. If you need assistance, YouTube has many guided meditations assist you and get you focused.

Once your mind is clear, don’t push for thoughts. Just let things come to you. Good luck and a successful creative process.