Always One Of Our Own

Mr. Irving said he came to camp ready to participate and help the team win a championship. Then they made it mandatory to take the vaccine. It was optional last year. I can’t answer for Mr. Irving on whether he took the mandate as confusion or distrust for the NBA. Possibly a little of both.

What I do know is that he’s being called ignorant, stupid, selfish, crazy, all over the place, hard to understand, and someone who’s letting his team down.

He’s being criticized because there are people who make a lot LESS money than him and are choosing to take the vaccine. Unfortunately, for a black man who thinks for himself, money always gets brought up in these sensitive topics.

Why is it necessary to have pockets checked in the first place? The topic of discussion is medicine and whether one should or shouldn’t have the right to take it.

People are talking about it’s definitely his right to not take the vaccine but he has to deal with the consequences as if he’s a 12 year old turning in a late math assignment.

All these vicious and horrible undermining attacks aimed at a young man that until last night was relatively quiet. A thoughtful gentleman that just wants to live his life in peace.

If I somehow had the chance to read the written words of all the individuals who voiced their opinions on Mr. Irving without hearing or watching them speak on TV, not hearing voices or seeing faces, I’d swear they came from a bunch of middle aged to older white guys talking that shut up and dribble nonsense on Fox News or some idiotic podcast headed by the ignorant whites using there “First Amendment Rights”.

However, to my disappointment these are black men on ESPN and other high profile networks painting a picture of a young man that’s so distorted that I don’t feel anything but embarrassment. I feel embarrassment that I share the same hue as some of these individuals.

Stephen A Smith seems to be the ringleader rounding up all the troops being as vicious as a black man can possibly be towards another black man without simply pulling out a gun on Mr. Irving and unloading a whole clip.

Sometimes I think Mr. Smith is highly entertaining but when a black person gets in a jam, the loudest one in all of TV is undisputedly Stephen A Smith.

He’s hard to watch sometimes. Especially when it’s clear he’s not separating his personal feelings from the profession of Journalism.

White folks see this guy spewing all this rhetoric at black folks and it seems like there rewarding his efforts to tear down as many prominent black athletes as possible. He’s one of the highest paid personalities on TV.

I definitely don’t knock him for getting the bag. He deserves every penny of it. However, as my uncle Big John would say, “All Money Aint Good Money”. If this was hip-hop and a rap battle, Mr. Smith would and should have the green light to be as vicious as possible to gain a victory.

But on a sports debate show when he’s clearly setting an example on behalf of black folks in the media, I would think some things he speaks on concerning black people should be dealt with in a more sensitive manner.

This is Amerikkka for black folks. It’s designed for us to fail here. For black folks, we know very little about America and this justice for all foolishness.

Most of us come from way below the bottom. Most of us had run-ins with the law having our civil rights abused on a continual basis.

I can’t name one black male who’s never spent at least one night in jail. I’m sure they’re out there but I don’t know any myself.

Many of us can say we’ve spent nights or weekends in jail for little or nothing. We’ve all been profiled. Most of us have lost jobs in racial manners but didn’t have the resources to fight it.

The school systems in many black communities are below par. We don’t get equal pay and have to work twice as hard as our white counterparts to get crumbs.

Then a few of us make it and have the finances to change our lives and our families lives only to be antagonized and berated by one who looks like us.

One of the greatest things I ever saw on TV was the day Terrell Owens went on first take and told Mr. Smith that Max Kellerman acted as more of a black man than Mr. Smith. That comment spoke volumes.

I wonder how many other brothas have been feeling the same way. That exchange definitely got my attention.

This has nothing at all to do with a choice to be vaccinated. It’s just a take on why black men are at the forefront of this verbal lynching of another black man with the grand dragon being in the person of Stephen A Smith.

Like I said, I feel embarrassment by all this. Disappointment. I wish we could look at this for what it is and either not comment at all or be a little more creative.

Of all the things black men have to deal with in this country, the last thing we should have to be worried about is attacks from those who look like us.

We gotta do better.

Peace and Love Mr. Irving

Week 7 Assignment: Spiritual Connection

Throughout my time on earth, I’ve realized the importance of a true spiritual connection. A spiritual connection can be defined as many things.

You can look at it from a religious aspect, a conscious aspect, or even if you’re an atheist you can still develop a place in your being with a true sense of self.

When embarking on the journey of writing out your experiences its important to be centered and connected to the task at hand.

The best writers and artist of many different genres can all get to their true selves which assists them on bringing out the best in whatever they create.

Also, during dark times and areas of doubt, its always beneficial to bring yourself to an awareness of stillness that can keep you on track and focused on something other than your current circumstances if they’re not up to your liking.

For those who have been consistent with the creation of your book and have a basis for your overall story line, take a few days to really get connected with yourselves.

Be intentional about simply being. Take time throughout your day to notice your breath. There is this simple meditation I learned that you could do while you’re actually driving.

No. Its not closing your eyes in the middle of traffic while your traveling. That would be insane and highly irresponsible for me to ask you to do.

The next time you’re out driving, every time you come to a red light, simply take a deep breath, and focus those few seconds before the light changes to be still.

I think I’ve heard people call it the “red light meditation”.

It’s nothing too deep or serious. There will be times when you may forget to do it. That’s ok. When I’m trying it, there are red lights I miss as well. However, when you do it, it brings you to the present.

It also keeps you in tuned with your breath. Not to count your breath but to simply be aware of the moment.

For those who do a lot of driving during the day, during these particular times, it could slow your mind down just enough to help bring in ideas and thoughts to better help you elaborate elements of your book.

I would also suggest that in the mornings before you go to work and get in the business of life, go in your backyards, or open your windows and just listen to nature.

I’ve learned that we are all connected to everything in some form or fashion. Staying connected is the soul work that we all need to do to really find out who we really are. This is the spiritual connection I’m speaking of.

This is the spiritual connection that also brings the best out of what we create. Remember, at our essence, we’re creators.

Lets focus the next two weeks on really connecting to dig deep in our inner selves to bring the best out of what we create in our book and projects.

For those who are into prayer and more focused meditations, this should take you deeper and ground you at a level that really brings your true self in the pages of your book and bring life into your projects.

If anyone feels they may need help or stuck, just let me know. I’ve been there. From writers block to emotional or mental exhaustion or just feeling like it was too much to go through.

Trust me, its not too much. It’s simply apart of the process and that true connection can definitely help you through. Lets keep those pens pushing and ideas flowing.

Write Your Life Week 2

I told you RELAX….YOU GOT THIS!!

How was week one? Anything get pulled up that shocked you? Any A HA moments? Any laughs? Any crying? Learn anything about yourself, or what I should say, is RElearn or remember something that time separated you from?

If the answer was yes to any of those questions, we’re on the right track and most importantly, YOU’RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK!!!!

The next few days, I’d like for you to simply reflect on what you’ve been able to transfer from your being to paper or devices.

I’d like for you to have at least one section of your day to take 5-10 minutes to sit and breathe……. Well, I could use the M word but some folks who don’t know the wonders of said thing may not be into that. Which is cool. You gon learn.

Breathing and being still gets you present. Just think, you have 24 hours in a day. For the most part, because your life can be such a constant ball of movement, many rarely sit and just calm there minds down for a bit.

Being present is not just good for this project, but it’s something you should consider to be a regular practice in your life. It’s an immediate stress reliever. A wonderful tool. It also gets you in the energy of receiving.

A wise person once said, “you pray to ask, and meditate to receive”. My bad, I used the M word…….. Toughen up G. We’re goin in for the long haul.

Once again, I thank and appreciate your participation. Peace and Love.

Upon Recognition, It Floors You PT2

Today, I found out something that put things into perspective for me and I hope for you as well.

I’ve studied all the motivational speakers I love most. I see there financial success. I believe there spiritual and emotional success and have wondered what it was about them that brought them the success they have.

I’ve heard all there stories. Steve Harvey was homeless living in his car for 3 years. Les Brown was abandoned by his biological parents. Eric Thomas was homeless as well.

Napoleon Hill mentioned in “Outwitting the Devil”, that in the midst of a horrible challenge he had in life, he found what he called “his other self”.

Through the challenges of horrible life circumstances, Les Brown, Steve Harvey, and Eric Thomas all found there other selves as well.

In all actuality, it wasn’t there other selves. It was there true selves.

I can tell you from experience, that adversity pushes you in the direction of who you truly are. It’s uncomfortable and at times extremely painful but that’s why it’s so beautiful.

Your pushed and pulled in so many directions because of life that you literally forget who you are. It takes divine planning to bring you back to yourself. That in itself is a blessing.

Today, when I was listening to certain speakers, dreams and imaginations were the topics.

If you think back on your own life, everything you accomplished started as a thought. That thought enhanced your imagination and when you saw yourself doing a thing in your imagination, it made you believe you could do it in your reality, so you did.

The coldest part of that is, even if you failed to do something you imagined doing, with the experience you gained, you later learned.

Dreams. When you sleep at night, do you truly understand that whatever you accomplish in your dream state can be performed in your reality?

Some folks dream of literally flying. Now because gravity is a law, its hard for a person to fly in a conscious state (while there awake). So I won’t touch on that.

But what I will share of what I discovered today is, the person whom I’ve wanted to be the most my whole life, was the one I dreamed about when I laid down every night.

The fear of failure has no parts of my dream world. I’m completely courageous and brave. In my dream world I’m always sure of myself. I make decisions quickly. Whatever I think about doing in my dreams, I don’t even give it a second thought. I just do it. I’m a great rapper in my dreams without writing anything down. I’m a great, great fighter in my dreams.

I have all the answers in my dreams. I can have any experience I desire in my dreams.

But the most important thing of it all, was what I first mentioned of my dreams. I don’t have a fear of failure.

When I realized that whatever I dream, I can actually have in my present state, I realized that I found my other self. My true self.

This is why dreams are so important for EVERYBODY!!! There the blessings, signals and confirmations from your higher self, God, universe, or what ever you look to outside but most preferably, inside yourself as your source of spiritual power. You are limitless.

If you CAN’T fear in your dreams, your not supposed to fear in life. The person you truly want to be is the one in your dream world. It’s time to reveal him or her on this plain. Your other self. Your true self.