I got flagged on Facebook

For some nonsense. Apparently when I made a comment in a group suggesting that a person should look in to alternative options outside of organized religion, someone didn’t like it.

Someone could have been offended with me saying to look within for God instead of outside.

It could have been someone getting offended that I suggested reading the Kyballion.

Or maybe repeating a phrase that I hear from a prominent comedian and radio personality all the time, when he says that the same folks who gave us the word nigger also gave us Jesus could have triggered an emotion.

What’s unfair is they show you the quote with options to protest but don’t give you the option to actually explain your position.

To me, it’s hypocritical that social media keeps police murdering unarmed black people in heavy rotation and won’t take those down, but me repeating quotes and positive suggestions to help individuals spiritually can get flagged.

I’ve been put on a 24 hour suspension from posting on Facebook.

Because I control Write Your Life and Wetdirt Publishing, there is a chance that at 10am tomorrow I will not be able to post the first Write Your Life assignment on time.

For that, my deepest apologies. The 24 hour suspension is through 6:30 pm central time.

At 10 am I will post that first assignment here but whether it’s shared to my Facebook page, I’m not sure.

When I’m cleared from Facebook Jail, the assignment will go up immediately.

I will not be silenced under any circumstances or detoured from my life work and helping people with Mental health awareness.

This is a small fork in the road to a BIG STEPPER.

I will keep saying and expressing myself especially if those who want and need it continue to ask for it.

So hopefully at 10am the post will go up but if not, 6:30.

And lastly, to Facebook, you can kiss my ass, EFF YOU as a staff, record lable and crew 😂🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

Quoting the words from our dearly departed God MC. Makavelli The Don.

✌🏿&🖤 Folks.