I saw a video on Facebook where this man seemed judgmental of women. He said something to the effect that women are judged ultimately by the kind and caliber man that they can keep. Below is my response to the video. I don’t know the individual who said this, nor am I saying it’s anything wrong with his take. I’m just illustrating that his perspective can be challenged.

I know it’s women who’ve done some foul shit to men. But if you look at the phrase “hurt people, hurt people” and study a particular female who’s in pain, a majority of time a man is the root of that pain and over time it just grows.

Look at the story of Adam and Eve. Eve fucked up. She was tricked by Satan. We never think about what Adam could have done MORE to stand up for his woman.

In fact, he played the ultimate bitch move because when God questioned him about this “SIN”, he immediately throws Eve under the bus.

The reason that story applies today, is that it has made women the scape goat for a lot of the problems of this world. Paul even mentioned that it was Eve that sinned first.

The coldest part of the whole Adam and Eve story is THIS NIGGA ADAM DID THE SAME DAMN SIN AS EVE!!!

The word “Woman” itself can be defined as Woe unto the man. Woe means trouble.

What I’m really trying to say is no one gets to this life without a woman. I’ve never seen one man in the history of the world volunteer to pass a human being out of any opening of their bodies.

The issue shouldn’t be judging a woman on the type of men she’s around. It should be about how men can change their perspective on the woman.

There not a weaker vessel. That some weird chauvinistic biblical shit.

At one point, women were just as much rulers of nations as their male counter parts. African queens at one point shared power equally with men and in some instances, had ALL THE POWER to rule over certain pieces of land and nations.

They were revered because of their power and essence to bring life in this world. It’s only been recently, like the past few thousand years, that men have physically taken advantage and spread the narrative that only because their men that somehow there better.

Men and women are supposed to be teammates playing their separate roles for the good of humanity as a whole. It’s pretty simple if you sit back and think about it.

I know many men who would definitely disagree with this take. That’s not really my problem. I just believe that this should be a time to heal the fractured connections between men and women.

It has absolutely, positively nothing to do with a sexual preference unless your by chance a man who some how feels superior to a woman because of your male part.

That doesn’t make you superior. It just means your spirit lacks the proper knowledge of who this God in human flesh truly is.

Lastly, women didn’t come from the rib of a man. Man passed through the beautiful flower of a woman. This is proven scientifically and also the reason men obsess about reconnecting to that sacred place from which they came.

Sorry about the colorful language and the use of the N-word. I mean hell, don’t you love Dave Chappelle too?lol

It’s Time To RELEASE!

You’ve put your work in and created that thing. Whatever it is, your proud of it. It’s an accomplishment that brings emotions out of you that you didn’t know you had.

You’ve taken the steps to get whatever it is to the next level. That album, that book, that degree. Or you’ve trained your whole life in a sport or profession and you’ve crossed every “T” and dotted every “I”.

If it’s a service you provide you’ve promoted it on social media, maybe put out flyers, and made various phone calls letting people see your flag.

This is YOUR LIFE’S WORK!!!! When you lay down at night this is all you think about until you go to sleep. You vision the end result and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is your defining moment.

Your life will change for the better dramatically. However, you have this uneasiness that starts off small but over time, it grows and grows.

You begin to stress and have anxiety. Every now and then you hear small whispers of doubt that you at times, have no choice but to pay attention to.

For many, that doubt grows until its out of control and there consumed by it. Not you though. You have faith that at some point somebody will find or acknowledge you and get you that coveted opportunity you’ve been wanting your whole life.

Your in your purpose, and believed in your gift but this weird waiting game…… Man, it could be vicious. Day’s, months, or even years could have gone by and still, the results you’d be sure to come haven’t arrived yet. Stay on Faith Street.

Sometimes the wanting repels instead of attracts. You’re giving the universe strong signals of lack which could prolong the process. Understanding that sometimes patience is a key ingredient to the process can be the difference between a stress filled life or walking into that blessing sooner than you think.

Take some time to yourself. Find your breath. Know that the universe is setting things up for you to win. Then release it. Go about your life. It’s coming.

Write You Life: Wk 1 Goalsetting:

The purpose of the questionnaire. Not mines, yours.  Goal setting is essential to a person’s success. It creates a focus that’s beyond the physical realm. Goal setting also stimulates your imagination. If you have a goal, one of the first things you think about is the feeling you will have once its accomplished.

Having a goal also starts the creative side of your brain to attract ideas. Many people have wishes and hopes but its not until you write your goals down and begin to initiate a plan that the ideas will come to you.

For instance, I can sit around all day thinking about concepts to create songs, but its not until I pick up my pen and pad or start a new song in my computer that the idea comes to life.

I think about a few words, then there’s a sentence. Then I add on to the sentence and think about something that could rhyme. Next thing I know, I have a whole verse.

The goal was to create a new song. I saw it in my mind by imagining what I could say. Then I got excited about the end result, put some action behind it, now there is a song.

No one saw all that but me. So from the outside looking in I created something out of nothing but the idea was giving to me, I made an effort to have something tangible and BOOM!! A song.

The creation of your book will be the same thing. It starts with an idea. Write that down. Next thing you know thoughts will soon follow and it will be like connecting the dots.

Back to the questionnaire, answering one of those questions will provoke an emotion from an experience you had that you’ve moved so far from, that you forgot it was even there.

Our minds are better than computers. They record everything from every experience you’ve ever had in life. However, sometimes you may forget a password to one of those files. That’s life. We move through it so quickly that we think we forget.

No its not forgotten. Time just separated us from the emotion of it. If it were good, remembering an experience will bring a certain element of joy.

If it were negative, pain could come up. Wherever the questions steers you on this trip down Memory Lane, record it. Whether it hits you days after you went through the questions or you felt it immediately.

Next thing you know, you have a chapter. It may not be the first or last chapter but its something that you can build on.

Look Above Your Circumstances

A candid talk about the difference of where you are now and where you can see yourself being. This is motivation. What do you do when a life altering event shakes you to your core.

I use colorful language from time to time but we all supposed to be grown around here. Grab the message.

Book Sale Today!!!

This is an awesome read.

My book is a powerful collection of thoughts and feelings. A guy who recently read it said “dang dude, you have a crazy life”! Then he started mentioning things in my book to me. I felt so honored he actually read it.

A lot of folks have blessed me with a purchase because their proud of the fact that someone who they know personally wrote a book.

Now, when people ask me what I do for a living. I proudly say IM A AUTHOR.

Usually when I promote my book, I put a link in a post and direct them to Amazon so they can order it. I get a decent cut because they distribute my book. But I deserve more.

The lessons I’ve learned over the years, the heartbreaks that produces the countless amounts of tears, my accomplishments, and triumphs I’ve experienced have way more of a value.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m truly grateful that I’ve partnered with Amazon and earned an opportunity for them to get my book out to the world.

But every now and then, I want to know the feeling of actually receiving my full value for something I created on my own.

My followers are growing everyday and more and more people are coming across my work on this platform. I’m so grateful that people take a few moments out of there day to hit one of my post and read my writings. Thank you so much for that.

One day, I want to sit in Oprah’s back yard under her trees and talk with her. My mother loved Oprah and I want to tell Oprah what she meant to my mother to her face. In order to do that, I have to sell many more copies and release many more books.

My gun is hella big and the clip drags around the block many times over. Meaning I got many more stories and experiences to share with all who will listen and read.

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The email associated with my PayPal is directly to me. It was the lawn service business I use to have.


because of my infraction yesterday with bookface, My 10am Write Your Life Assignment wont post. Ill have it up in the group at 7pm this evening.

Once again my deepest apologies for this unexpected power trip and attack on freedom of speech. We got to do better. Or maybe not we, they. Sensitive ass folk.lol

Write Your Life Assignment 1

Greetings future authors. So glad your allowing me to be apart of your journey of writing that first book about your life. It’s an honor and a privilege.

Week One Writing Inspiration

Other than your parents, who had the most influence on you from birth to age 18? The type of influence doesn’t matter. It could be positive, negative, or indifferent. It could be more than one but no more than three persons.

You have 14 days to complete this assignment. Please don’t share anything that can potentially go in your book in the group.

This is not for me its for you so please don’t send it to me for any opinions or feedback. That will come later with specific reasons that will also come with a confidentiality agreement. Be as descriptive and creative as you can. Let your feelings flow. Be unapologetic and brave. It’s just you, your thoughts, what your using to write with.

Don’t worry about the proper grammar, English, whether you use slang or anything technical. Just be you and describe your truest feelings about that one or those individuals that had the influence on you.

Before you begin writing, clear your mind. I love to meditate. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Take 10 or 15 minutes to yourself and find your breath. If you need assistance, YouTube has many guided meditations assist you and get you focused.

Once your mind is clear, don’t push for thoughts. Just let things come to you. Good luck and a successful creative process.

I got flagged on Facebook

For some nonsense. Apparently when I made a comment in a group suggesting that a person should look in to alternative options outside of organized religion, someone didn’t like it.

Someone could have been offended with me saying to look within for God instead of outside.

It could have been someone getting offended that I suggested reading the Kyballion.

Or maybe repeating a phrase that I hear from a prominent comedian and radio personality all the time, when he says that the same folks who gave us the word nigger also gave us Jesus could have triggered an emotion.

What’s unfair is they show you the quote with options to protest but don’t give you the option to actually explain your position.

To me, it’s hypocritical that social media keeps police murdering unarmed black people in heavy rotation and won’t take those down, but me repeating quotes and positive suggestions to help individuals spiritually can get flagged.

I’ve been put on a 24 hour suspension from posting on Facebook.

Because I control Write Your Life and Wetdirt Publishing, there is a chance that at 10am tomorrow I will not be able to post the first Write Your Life assignment on time.

For that, my deepest apologies. The 24 hour suspension is through 6:30 pm central time.

At 10 am I will post that first assignment here but whether it’s shared to my Facebook page, I’m not sure.

When I’m cleared from Facebook Jail, the assignment will go up immediately.

I will not be silenced under any circumstances or detoured from my life work and helping people with Mental health awareness.

This is a small fork in the road to a BIG STEPPER.

I will keep saying and expressing myself especially if those who want and need it continue to ask for it.

So hopefully at 10am the post will go up but if not, 6:30.

And lastly, to Facebook, you can kiss my ass, EFF YOU as a staff, record lable and crew 😂🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

Quoting the words from our dearly departed God MC. Makavelli The Don.

✌🏿&🖤 Folks.