Soul. Mind. Body

Sometimes it’s not necessarily depression or inner demons a person has to conquer. I think the ego is being suppressed because your higher self is ready to grow. Does your higher self really need growth? Is this an actual conflict? For a person to be at there full potential, changes need to occur that at the time of these changes can be uncomfortable, frustrating, and down right puzzling. Your being slowed down. For some it could be forced isolation. Some individuals begin to realize that bondage of any kind is worse than death. Space is needed more than simply wanted. What in your being is demanding space?
The real YOU. The real you is being summoned to come forward because it has something to offer the world. Theirs an actual purpose. Your higher self is trying to set boundaries for the ego because something more selfless in your being is trying to emerge. There is a place for the ego but there comes a time when the position has to be switched. Ego loves the front. In some cases its fine for that; but a purpose for one’s soul mission requires more of a team effort in the total being of one’s self. In order for the real YOU to emerge the ego has to be repositioned so lessons can be learned and experiences can be truly felt. Your purpose is to bring forth an experience or message to affect humanity as a whole in some way or another. Before a person can realize such a thing, they have to be prepared for it. That preparation has many twists, turns, and various forms of obstacles that produces discomfort, fear, frustration, and other challenges. The higher self is putting the ego in its place so to speak. All this is going on in a person that on the surface seems fine. Internally, the battle rages until the individual recognizes what’s happening and does the soul work to properly bring balance to their full being. Instead of mind, body, and soul, it’s soul, mind, and body. Your soul is supposed to lead. The soul is the real you. Mind is ego. We’ve been programmed to think our way out of various situations. However this is a universe of feeling. Intuition can almost be defined as a soul exercise. At times it could be instinctive without thought. When this phenomenon takes place in a person, the outcome more than likely is positive. Or at least for one’s own good. The body is simply the vehicle that drives all this during this earthly experience. We’re spiritual beings having an earthly experience. Whether you perceive a thing as good or bad it’s still an experience YOU are having. My advice is…………..Stop fighting. Let go. This universe is simply directing you to a higher good. Your purpose. Your ego tries to convince you that it’s all happening to you. Your soul knows its happening for YOU.

Excuse the broken english, slang, and profanity. WHY THEY DONT TELL!

PTSD shit is real. I feel for folks who got to live in these high ass murder rate neighborhoods. Every other week somebody that aint even half my age got they pic on a obituary.

Yall lil Niggaz out here don’t know how serious this gangsta shit is. This shit aint music and art. It’s life and death. Folks got to the point where they desensitized to it. My heart breaks for em. Shit aint supposed to be an everyday occurrence.

Aint no human soul supposed to witness this shit so often that they can’t feel for it anymore. If you seen a nigga out here mowing folks down in broad day light without even wearing a mask would you be trying to get that bag they offer to tell?

The bag they trying to give out be big enough to at least relocate and start over a bit but the key words in the above paragraph is NO MASK IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

That shit make anybody keep they mouth shut. Then the same scenario’s continue to replay again. Love and check on ya folks man. If you got a bag and can help somebody out the murderous environments get it to them.

Remember, this shit aint art and music, its life and death.

Dave Chappelle negotiates the release of Da Baby

Sending love and praises for Dave Chappelle for speaking up for Da Baby. Niggaz make a whole album full of killing and when it gets real and a young brotha make a mistake instead of covering and protecting one of our own, they scatter like water bugs. Folks took food off his table and money out his pockets just because he made a mistake and the “gangstas” in hip-hop just let that shit happen. Dave Chappelle negotiated the release and now Da Baby is back home. Oh and speaking of rainbows, how’s that George Floyd bill coming along.🤔
I’ll stop there. I don’t want no smoke with nobody.

Who’s really thinking about things as such.

If God sits on a throne in heaven that implies he has a butt. If he has a butt than hes human. What’s the point in being so low in our own humanity that we WORSHIP one with human characteristics. Dont the bible itself say “God is a spirit”? Am I the only one seeing the contradiction here? Of course not. Many see flaws and contradictions and displaying the courage to come forward while sacrificing relationships, family and friendships. That’s the sad part. No one should have to sacrifice so much in the name of open minds and information. This is the problem. The elephant in the room if you will. If the bible says love is the first fruit of the spirit, why isnt that being practiced when we hear something different than what we’ve been taught. What would Jesus really do in this matter.

If Jesus was to come back I’ve reserved the right to have the first sit down. He’s got a lot of explaining to do. Aint no judgement day unless he clear up a few issues.

Y’all still cool with who you voted for or nah🤔

They said “we needed Trump out of here”. Then voted the new devil in. You were all duped. They even shamed folks who couldn’t decide who to vote for. Made them feel guilty for not going along with crowd. Cause you scared of Trump little red petty ass. Oh but that white boy was down wit Obama and had a black vice president so he must be cool. Dafuk outta here.
It’s still legal for cops to kill niggaz out here. Excuse my french. Only thing changed is the day.

I aint putting pictures up of the border on my page. As foul as that was, hell, they could have been shooting and still the only thing that would have happened is politics, mad black folks, slick talking white folks and weak human beings talking that “at least we got rid of Trump” shit.

How many school yard fights would have happened if none of the other kids showed up to watch? Why is that question relevant Wet.Dirt? Energy grows where your attention flows. In this case its fear. The energy of fear is strong folks. They needed something to keep the people scared and thinking about everything except the shit we were promised when we voted the new white boy in.

Side note: To all the decent folks who are fighting along side the beautiful black folks with less melanin in your skin, I got love for yall. It’s the other assholes I got beef with. The 1850 devils who somehow time traveled to 2021. Well, actually they didnt time travel. Those cockroaches evade cans of Raid with incredible agility.

Anyway, the school yard thing. Yall need to stop watching the News. This is how the fear is kept up. They go out of there way to find things to keep us scared because number one they know the people will pick anger with no actions rather than retaliate with an equal exchange of energy. The only real character flaw black folks have is being too nice and forgiving.

Anyway, this is what yall voted for. How the hell such a low number of people can control the masses has been something my brain has never been able to compute. Collectively we seem to turn away from our own power. This is why Amerikkka is what it is.

Whats Going On Folks

I would love to get into freelance and content writing. Does anyone here have any advice on starting a business in that field? Are there any individuals who are following me who have experience in the business. Perhaps doing it full-time themselves.

I’ve been working at it for a couple days trying to get things set up. Getting a bit frustrated with the Maybe I could be over thinking it but definitely would like a bit of guidance from someone who’s more experienced. Email me at or you can also comment down below. Thanks in advance for your input.

Week 7 Assignment: Spiritual Connection

Throughout my time on earth, I’ve realized the importance of a true spiritual connection. A spiritual connection can be defined as many things.

You can look at it from a religious aspect, a conscious aspect, or even if you’re an atheist you can still develop a place in your being with a true sense of self.

When embarking on the journey of writing out your experiences its important to be centered and connected to the task at hand.

The best writers and artist of many different genres can all get to their true selves which assists them on bringing out the best in whatever they create.

Also, during dark times and areas of doubt, its always beneficial to bring yourself to an awareness of stillness that can keep you on track and focused on something other than your current circumstances if they’re not up to your liking.

For those who have been consistent with the creation of your book and have a basis for your overall story line, take a few days to really get connected with yourselves.

Be intentional about simply being. Take time throughout your day to notice your breath. There is this simple meditation I learned that you could do while you’re actually driving.

No. Its not closing your eyes in the middle of traffic while your traveling. That would be insane and highly irresponsible for me to ask you to do.

The next time you’re out driving, every time you come to a red light, simply take a deep breath, and focus those few seconds before the light changes to be still.

I think I’ve heard people call it the “red light meditation”.

It’s nothing too deep or serious. There will be times when you may forget to do it. That’s ok. When I’m trying it, there are red lights I miss as well. However, when you do it, it brings you to the present.

It also keeps you in tuned with your breath. Not to count your breath but to simply be aware of the moment.

For those who do a lot of driving during the day, during these particular times, it could slow your mind down just enough to help bring in ideas and thoughts to better help you elaborate elements of your book.

I would also suggest that in the mornings before you go to work and get in the business of life, go in your backyards, or open your windows and just listen to nature.

I’ve learned that we are all connected to everything in some form or fashion. Staying connected is the soul work that we all need to do to really find out who we really are. This is the spiritual connection I’m speaking of.

This is the spiritual connection that also brings the best out of what we create. Remember, at our essence, we’re creators.

Lets focus the next two weeks on really connecting to dig deep in our inner selves to bring the best out of what we create in our book and projects.

For those who are into prayer and more focused meditations, this should take you deeper and ground you at a level that really brings your true self in the pages of your book and bring life into your projects.

If anyone feels they may need help or stuck, just let me know. I’ve been there. From writers block to emotional or mental exhaustion or just feeling like it was too much to go through.

Trust me, its not too much. It’s simply apart of the process and that true connection can definitely help you through. Lets keep those pens pushing and ideas flowing.