Excuse the broken english, slang, and profanity. WHY THEY DONT TELL!

PTSD shit is real. I feel for folks who got to live in these high ass murder rate neighborhoods. Every other week somebody that aint even half my age got they pic on a obituary.

Yall lil Niggaz out here don’t know how serious this gangsta shit is. This shit aint music and art. It’s life and death. Folks got to the point where they desensitized to it. My heart breaks for em. Shit aint supposed to be an everyday occurrence.

Aint no human soul supposed to witness this shit so often that they can’t feel for it anymore. If you seen a nigga out here mowing folks down in broad day light without even wearing a mask would you be trying to get that bag they offer to tell?

The bag they trying to give out be big enough to at least relocate and start over a bit but the key words in the above paragraph is NO MASK IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

That shit make anybody keep they mouth shut. Then the same scenario’s continue to replay again. Love and check on ya folks man. If you got a bag and can help somebody out the murderous environments get it to them.

Remember, this shit aint art and music, its life and death.

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