Y’all still cool with who you voted for or nah🤔

They said “we needed Trump out of here”. Then voted the new devil in. You were all duped. They even shamed folks who couldn’t decide who to vote for. Made them feel guilty for not going along with crowd. Cause you scared of Trump little red petty ass. Oh but that white boy was down wit Obama and had a black vice president so he must be cool. Dafuk outta here.
It’s still legal for cops to kill niggaz out here. Excuse my french. Only thing changed is the day.

I aint putting pictures up of the border on my page. As foul as that was, hell, they could have been shooting and still the only thing that would have happened is politics, mad black folks, slick talking white folks and weak human beings talking that “at least we got rid of Trump” shit.

How many school yard fights would have happened if none of the other kids showed up to watch? Why is that question relevant Wet.Dirt? Energy grows where your attention flows. In this case its fear. The energy of fear is strong folks. They needed something to keep the people scared and thinking about everything except the shit we were promised when we voted the new white boy in.

Side note: To all the decent folks who are fighting along side the beautiful black folks with less melanin in your skin, I got love for yall. It’s the other assholes I got beef with. The 1850 devils who somehow time traveled to 2021. Well, actually they didnt time travel. Those cockroaches evade cans of Raid with incredible agility.

Anyway, the school yard thing. Yall need to stop watching the News. This is how the fear is kept up. They go out of there way to find things to keep us scared because number one they know the people will pick anger with no actions rather than retaliate with an equal exchange of energy. The only real character flaw black folks have is being too nice and forgiving.

Anyway, this is what yall voted for. How the hell such a low number of people can control the masses has been something my brain has never been able to compute. Collectively we seem to turn away from our own power. This is why Amerikkka is what it is.

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