Who’s really thinking about things as such.

If God sits on a throne in heaven that implies he has a butt. If he has a butt than hes human. What’s the point in being so low in our own humanity that we WORSHIP one with human characteristics. Dont the bible itself say “God is a spirit”? Am I the only one seeing the contradiction here? Of course not. Many see flaws and contradictions and displaying the courage to come forward while sacrificing relationships, family and friendships. That’s the sad part. No one should have to sacrifice so much in the name of open minds and information. This is the problem. The elephant in the room if you will. If the bible says love is the first fruit of the spirit, why isnt that being practiced when we hear something different than what we’ve been taught. What would Jesus really do in this matter.

If Jesus was to come back I’ve reserved the right to have the first sit down. He’s got a lot of explaining to do. Aint no judgement day unless he clear up a few issues.

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