I saw a video on Facebook where this man seemed judgmental of women. He said something to the effect that women are judged ultimately by the kind and caliber man that they can keep. Below is my response to the video. I don’t know the individual who said this, nor am I saying it’s anything wrong with his take. I’m just illustrating that his perspective can be challenged.

I know it’s women who’ve done some foul shit to men. But if you look at the phrase “hurt people, hurt people” and study a particular female who’s in pain, a majority of time a man is the root of that pain and over time it just grows.

Look at the story of Adam and Eve. Eve fucked up. She was tricked by Satan. We never think about what Adam could have done MORE to stand up for his woman.

In fact, he played the ultimate bitch move because when God questioned him about this “SIN”, he immediately throws Eve under the bus.

The reason that story applies today, is that it has made women the scape goat for a lot of the problems of this world. Paul even mentioned that it was Eve that sinned first.

The coldest part of the whole Adam and Eve story is THIS NIGGA ADAM DID THE SAME DAMN SIN AS EVE!!!

The word “Woman” itself can be defined as Woe unto the man. Woe means trouble.

What I’m really trying to say is no one gets to this life without a woman. I’ve never seen one man in the history of the world volunteer to pass a human being out of any opening of their bodies.

The issue shouldn’t be judging a woman on the type of men she’s around. It should be about how men can change their perspective on the woman.

There not a weaker vessel. That some weird chauvinistic biblical shit.

At one point, women were just as much rulers of nations as their male counter parts. African queens at one point shared power equally with men and in some instances, had ALL THE POWER to rule over certain pieces of land and nations.

They were revered because of their power and essence to bring life in this world. It’s only been recently, like the past few thousand years, that men have physically taken advantage and spread the narrative that only because their men that somehow there better.

Men and women are supposed to be teammates playing their separate roles for the good of humanity as a whole. It’s pretty simple if you sit back and think about it.

I know many men who would definitely disagree with this take. That’s not really my problem. I just believe that this should be a time to heal the fractured connections between men and women.

It has absolutely, positively nothing to do with a sexual preference unless your by chance a man who some how feels superior to a woman because of your male part.

That doesn’t make you superior. It just means your spirit lacks the proper knowledge of who this God in human flesh truly is.

Lastly, women didn’t come from the rib of a man. Man passed through the beautiful flower of a woman. This is proven scientifically and also the reason men obsess about reconnecting to that sacred place from which they came.

Sorry about the colorful language and the use of the N-word. I mean hell, don’t you love Dave Chappelle too?lol

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