We forget who we are

It gets piled on you from the beginning of your life. Thoughts, fears, and limitations of others.

Most of our lives we spend it mimicking the styles, personalities, and habits of those closest to us.

Then we reach our 30’s and 40’s and are completely stumped on who we are and what we want.

We find that we’re prisoners of our own lives. We want to do something about it and so overwhelmed with life as we know it, we get discouraged and give in.

When this is happening or you may know someone that this is happening to, sometimes you have to sit down with yourself or sit the individual down who’s suffering, look them in the eyes, remind them of all that they have accomplished in there lives to truly be grateful for and most importantly WHO THE FUCK THEY ARE!!!

A shark who roams the ocean who has forgotten his killer instinct is….Food.

In the midst of going through life masquerading in the limitations of others, you had clear flashes of who you are.

And guess what, the ones you would never expect, also saw those flashes. They’ve gained respect and love and admiration for you secretly that you didn’t have a clue about.

Then one day the situation arises when that power that sent you here finally affirms to you what you’ve known along but never had the courage to embrace. That you are someone with a purpose, identity, gifts, and a lane that no one can fill but YOU.

Me as a baby shark

Today I’m telling you to get in that mirror and you stay there until you find and remember WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE.

The choice is simple. Be the shark or be the food.

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