Story Time Wit Wet.Dirt Thee MC: Why I left Christianity(Epic Rant)

On February 5, 2018, I put my flag up. After researching, studying, and digging I finally came to a conclusion that would change my being as a spiritual individual forever.

I was a Christian. When I was a young man between the ages of 17-20 I preached. I was even ordained.

Around 2017, I began to have questions that weren’t getting answered. That bothered me. I was searching for who I was as this spiritual being. It seemed like there was pieces of myself that was missing and I wanted to find out what it was that not just made me, but black folks in general think as we do as it pertains to our beliefs in God.

It seemed like no one from my home church had a clue to who black folks were praying to before slavery. I was curious about that. It seemed like a more than fair question.

My searching lead me to ancient Kemet(Egypt). That’s where you can find the beginning of many spiritual practices, mythologies, and allegories that shapes religion and how we see it today.

I got frustrated at individuals who I went to for guidance and they would tell me in an almost patronizing way that I just needed faith and that I shouldn’t question God.

Funny thing is I wasn’t questioning God, I was questioning the book. Some things just didn’t make sense. One day right before I made this video I was sitting and thinking about all the people who have come and gone on earth.

All the souls who lived and died on earth who because of time, in some cases cultural backgrounds, geography, and religious beliefs, never heard of the name by which mankind could be saved.

Saved from what? Saved from sin and saved from a burning, eternal hell because of sin. As the bible says, no one can escape hell unless they repent and accept Jesus Christ as there lord and savior.

This was puzzling to me because there are billions upon billions of people who have never even heard of Jesus, the bible, sin, or even some destination called hell that souls had to be saved from.

If you break the bible down to the bare essence, its basically saying worship Jesus or go to hell. Yes, there are a lot of great lessons and stories in the bible. Incredible wisdom that can be applied to our lives to make it better.

In general, proverbs and psalms have many words to help a person in various ways. There are a lot of positive things in those 66 books. However, to say its perfect, I say no. If this is the perfect word of God why doesn’t it cover the whole of humanity.

In fact, if God gave us something that could save us from eternal damnation(That something supposedly is this bible), why doesn’t everyone have access to it. Or to be even more spiritually scientific if that’s even a thing, why isn’t Jesus embedded in every souls DNA from birth.

If Gods plan is that no soul is lost, why are Billions of people being born on earth now, and who have been born through out the beginning of this world and have no idea who Jesus is. All those souls will burn forever? Forever ever!!!!

Anyway, after going back and forth on social media with church members and other Christians, and even viewing a sermon where it looked like I was being condemned for simply changing my mind and taking responsibility for myself spiritually, I couldn’t take it anymore. So here was my response.

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