What I Would Do With My Million Dollar Opportunity Part 5.

People do million dollar business every day, all over the world.
I’d like to experience something like that if it were just once.
I wish I could be clear on how a person or group of people could get a return on there investment with me.
All I have seen is that Author’s or other creators receive a certain amount of exposure.
Whether they have figured a way to build a fan base organically, or were discovered and introduced to the masses by a more established individual or group. Then they make there product available to be sold.
At one point a plan was made that placed a certain amount for value on what an individual created.
My book for instance is $10. If the goal is to sell one million books at $10 a piece, that total profit I anticipate is $10,000,000.
I have a road with a destination. It’s the middle part that’s sketchy.
Things like exposure, which is a part of marketing is definitely important. Targeting a demographic which I’ve done. Although I’d love for everyone to read my book, it’s mainly for men between 35-50 who are possibly experiencing what used to be called “a midlife crisis”.
Right now, because of limited resources, my plan is to market and target my audience on social media, word of mouth, and I’m in the beginning process of organizing a book tour in my local area where I will attempt to meet people in community centers and apartment complexes. Ive already began to make phone calls for that.
These are the things I’ve come up with but I’m open and willing to learn of new ideas as well.
I’ve sold somewhere between 15-25 books with no help in a two month period. Just word of mouth and social media posts.
To have a team with me with real resources can multiply these numbers dramatically.
The book is only 117 pages. For the average reader it’s a pretty quick read that’s entertaining, thought provoking and has some solutions for some problems.
I believe investor’s will have returns on their investment in 3 years or less.
I’m completely dedicated to making that happen. I figure 75-25 split my way until the profits of the book are satisfied for the investor’s.
If I earn money from speaking engagements and or YouTube and Patreon subscribers that could be worked out as well to help pay back the investment.
If their are 7.5 billion people on earth the likelihood of selling 1,000,000 117 page books at $10 a piece that’s promoting mental health awareness is extremely likely within a 3 year period.
Lastly, the money invested will also create time for me to be mentored by the investor. I want to learn. I want to learn how the potential investor got where he or she is financially so I will never be where I’m currently at in life again.
I believe in each one teach one, so whatever I learn, I will teach one or more coming behind me. I’ve written out a structured plan where me and the potential investor will know where every penny of the $1,000,000 will go. If things need to be tweaked, like I said, I’m willing to learn.
I have them written out in my notebook and by the end of the day, I’ll have them either in my phone or on my computer so they could be sent and reviewed.
I’m already a professional author, music producer, and content creator. I just haven’t been all that financially successful and that doesn’t mean I don’t have the gifts or talents to be such. It just means I haven’t learned to get what I’ve created in my life to the next level and that’s not bad. It just is what it is.
I would like to have a serious investor who’s ready to get to work in ONE WEEK. July 11, 2021. 7 days.
Like I’ve said, their are million dollar deals happening every day. Why can’t it happen for me. I’ve put in the time to create a product that can provide a service that can create an income. I believe completely in myself that’s why I’m on this platform sharing as I am.
I truly appreciate your time. If your someone that can help or know of someone, email me at yerrot1972@gmail.com.
Also, please purchase my book from either Amazon
Or me directly by sending your name and address to the above email yerrot1972@gmail.com, go to cash app to pay $10 for a signed copy and I’ll have it out to you shortly.
Thank you so much for your time.

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